I'm a road pastor on tour full-time, and these are true stories.

23rd May 2011


Nashville Update

I am excited and honored to be able to announce today that I am officially a missionary of The Anchor Fellowship (Nashville, TN). I have been a part of the Anchor community for about 8 years and was ordained through the Anchor about 5 years ago. Although I’ve been in relationship throughout the last two and a half years I’ve been a road pastor, the last year has been a busy time of transition both for me personally and for the Anchor. The time I’ve spent away on the road has stretched relationships, but they have always been just a phone call away when I’ve been in need. The last two months I’ve spent in Nashville have given me an opportunity to strengthen that bond, and the church has decided to give both financial support and spiritual covering. 
Over the last year I’ve moved away from focusing on the name Church at a Distance, the Anchor’s road pastor ministry that never fully took off as we’d hoped for. I had conviction that it was time to stop promoting the idea, and get busy doing the work. Too often in today’s world of social networking, we want to build a website and print shirts advertising our ministries and non-profits before we’ve even figured out how to efficiently do the work. The truth was that we were creating a program with boundaries of Do’s and Don’ts before we’d done the work on the road to know what was most effective. God has given me a long-term goal of creating a model that future road pastors can replicate, but this takes time and trial and error, as will the process of equipping and sending out future road pastors when the time comes. Some great partnerships within the Anchor are being developed now to make more resources and people available for discipling the bands I work with on tour. There is an amazing freedom in simply doing what works.
I’m also excited to announce that due to several peoples’ generosity I am now getting close to being fully funded for personal expenses. It will be amazing to know that my financial needs are covered without ever having to burden the bands I work with again! Also, as my personal needs are met, fundraising can create a budget for new discipleship and ministry projects. 
These two months have been a very productive break from the road, and I’m looking forward to summer touring now, starting June 6.